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Spanish Nationals 2013

We were one of the sponsors for this years Spanish Nationals 2013 which were held at 5 venues and ran from the 12th May until the 22nd May. During the event we were present nearly every day at different venues and finished off at the quesada bowls club for the Finals. This was a great event and good to watch all the top bowlers plus it also gave us the chance to meet everyone from all bowling clubs not only Spain but also Tenerife who I have to say were a great crowd of people who always made me feel welcome. We sponsored the ladies singles and trios events and presented the runners up and winners with there trophies and medals and also decided to add a little extra touch by giving them each a nice bouquet of flowers from our flower shop we own as well called Diamond Flores. This went down really well with the ladies so much so I also presented flowers to the runners up of the ladies rinks from La Siesta a few days later as they are good friends of mine and were disappointed not to receive any flowers on finals day as I was not a sponsor for there event.

Visit to El Rancho Bowls Club During Spanish Nationals 2013.

We attended El rancho bowls club a few times during the Nationals and were always made welcome. Problem was I got sunburnt the first day as there is no shade there but remembered to wear a cap the next time. All part of the service plus a nice tan.

Spanish National Finals at Quesada

The last few days of the nationals for the semi finals and Finals were held at the Quesada Bowls club There were many spectators at all times watching some great bowling and also having a good time which is the main thing. Photo shows the trophies about to be presented and also the flowers we provided for 2 events.

La Siesta Open Trios June 2013

We were present for this event on the opening day and also donated a gift voucher towards the raffle to help the club. Event was won by the team from San luis including June and Keith Jones.

El Cid Celebration week. July 2013

I was invited to this special week for the club and was glad to be a part of the celebrations. It was a great day which included meeting world champion Andy Thompson who I have to say is a very nice guy and was happy to have a photo taken with me for the website. The day also included members having lessons and a tutorial which I joined and was so inspired I decided to have a go for the first time which I have to say I enjoyed very much and did not want to stop. So I am now looking forward to another lesson at a local club. El cid is in a fantastic setting with views to the sea and a venue I would be happy to visit again at anytime if invited. Thank you to Sara, Phil and Andy Thompson.

San Luis 3 day event July 2013

This event was cancelled in april due to bad weather and re-scheduled with no problems with rain this time just the heat as it was around 33o. As always a pleasure be at san luis as I am always made welcome. Thank you to all.

UK Ladies championships 2013 Leamington. UK

Went along to visit the suppliers of lawn bowls products during my holiday in August. Had a really good day out and met some of the main suppliers in the UK and found it all very interesting. Also watched some very good bowlers and some were only around 20 years old which was really good to see as we dont see many that age in spain.

UK Ladies championships 2013 Leamington. UK


Valencian Championships 2013. Vistabella.

Went along for 2 days to these championships. Very hot 2 days for the end of sept.

European Championships 2013. Spain

I was very honoured to be offered the supplier of bowls products for the european championships which were held in spain at the end of september to 4th october. It was a fantastic week and great to see some top bowling and also meet members from a lot of the teams. But well done to the spanish team who won gold in the ladies pairs with lynn and jan and also finished with the bronze overall team with Graham and pete which was a fantastic achievement. It was hard work over the week setting up each day but I really enjoyed it all. Infact so much I have now started bowling myself so was getting a few tips from the UK lads. They ended up winning the overall team prize and asked me to supply them with the championship shirts I was selling which I was happy to do. I was also given a signed shirt from one of the lads which was great and I will enjoy wearing now and again. Lets hope we see this held in spain over the coming years.

European Championships 2013. Spain

The teams on parade

European Championships 2013. Spain

The spanish team. Or should I say the team from spain.(All british) well done team.

European Championships 2013. Spain

The team receiving the team bronze medals.

European Championships 2013. Spain

The winners England getting there Gold medals for team overall. Well done.

Double Header League Match at San luis. 1st Nov.

Now the winter leagues have started I will be out with my roadshow visiting various clubs and will keep you updated when I see you as to where I will be on each day. On this day there was a morning game with san luis v Quesada and then in the afternoon it was san luis v greenlands both from different divisions.

Monthly visit to Emerald isle.

My monthly visit to the emerald isle bowls club with games in the morning and in the afternoon.

Visit to La Marina in November

Visited La Marina bowls club for a double header bowls match.

San Luis triples tournament Jan 3rd-5th 2014. Plus my first event bowling!!!

First tournament of the year was at San Luis for there 3 day triples event. This was also my first proper tournament I was given the chance to bowl with 2 good friends of mine sue cooper and allen bowen who I have bowled with most weeks now since taking it up 4 months ago and has helped me a lot. We done ok only losing 2 out of the 5 and only by 1 shot in both so not a bad start which was not helped by me not bowling as I know I can do. It will come in time I am sure as I am also getting coaching from some very good players now. Thank you.

San Miguel v Finca Guilla 22nd Jan.

Went along for the winter league match between San Miguel and Finca Guilla. Another warm day and then had time for a game myself in the afternoon which was nice.

La Siesta v El Cid 28th Jan

Attended the winter league match between la siesta and el cid who are always a pleasure to meet and glad to see me. Thank you sara. Only able to put a small amount of items out but we managed ok.


Had a good day out visiting montemar and members of bowls clubs from all over as far as almeria.

San luis v Mazzaron, El Rancho 28th feb

Windy day at San luis with the visit of Mazarron in the morning and El rancho in the afternoon. San luis won both games.And I won on my own afterwards practicing on my OWN!!

Archery event I entered last week??

As a few people know I was pretty good at archery in my twenties. Just thought I would post this photo taken after I won the Warwickshire Championships which went in the County archery magazine. Those were the days plus I had hair then too and a bit thinner!!!.

Bonalba Federation Cup

My first visit to Bonalba bowls club for there 3 day tournament with clubs form the North and South Costa blanca playing. Nice sunny day but very windy so had to set up in a secluded spot. Handy for the toilets though!! Thank you all at Bonalba etc.

Finca Guila 3 day event april 2014

I was invited to the beautiful setting at finca guilla bowls club for the first time and was made very welcome so thank you to all. It was a great day out and look forward to returning later this year.

Champion of champions tournament 2014

This year held at vistabella bowls club which I attended every day and enjoyed working and also watching some great bowling all week. Congratulations to colin jackson who won the mens singles and allen bowen and keith jones who won the mens pairs all from my bowls club san luis.

Spain v Scotland 2 day match.

This was a fantastic opportuntiy for all bowlers in spain to come and see some of the best bowlers in the world compete against our spanish team. The team which are all representing scotland in the commonwealth games included alex marshall mbe, paul foster mbe, darren burnett world champion 2014,plus the ladies world champion she won just 2 weeks ago. It was a great weekend with some excellent bowling form both teams and ended in a gala dinner where I think the wine was off due to my headache the next day!! Good luck to the scotland team in the commonwealth games.

Spain V Scotland 2104

Spanish Squad

Spain v scotland. 2014

Me and the lads. Thank you

Spain v Scotland 2014

Alex Marshall MBE and me. Thank you

Spain v Scotland 2104

Paul Foster MBE on practice day.

Spain v Scotland 2014

Alex Marshall mbe on practice day.

El Cid Pairs Tournament 5th may.

Invited to go up to the beautiful setting at el cid bowls club.Akways a good day out and made welcome. Thank you sara.

Spanish Nationals 2014

Very busy 2 weeks with the spanish nationals which this year were held at san luis, san miguel and quesada bowls clubs. I was in attendance every day doing a rotation system and finished off with what ended up being the last 4 days at quesada for the semi finals and finals. Had a really good time meeting members from all clubs again and my old friends from tenerife who are are always great to meet. I look forward to hopefully seeing you all again next year. Might even play myself then as well? Photo shown is from quesada during the finals.

Australian Pairs. El Cid 10th June 2014.

I was asked to attend this event by the members of el cid bowls club and also the amigos who bowl there twice a week. Very hot day and lovely setting plus made very welcome by all. Thank you for all your custom and comments.


After a years bowling I was really happy to of won the federation cup on sept 10th at san luis bowls club with my team mates, pam lockett, vic slater and our great skip mal hughes. It was great for me to bowl with such good bowlers and helped me to bowl to a good standard. I hope this is the first of many?

Santa Pola Rinks sept 2014

Had a good 2 days at the santa pola rinks tournament which is very popular with bowlers coming from as far as almeria to compete. Good to see a lot of bowlers I dont see most weeks.

Spanish Nationals 2015

Sponsors of the 2015 Spanish Nationals held at San Luis and Quesada bowls club

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