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Drakespride Betts Bowls Grip

Polish for all composition plastic bowls and grips to aid in the delivery of the bowls.
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Price:   6 € each

Drakespride NEW Winwax.

A citrus based bowls wax specially formulated to give both a high shine and incredible grip to the surface of the bowl.
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Price:   10 € each

Henselite Grippo Jar

The popular bowls polish with that extra bit of 'tackiness' than its namesake in the tube - the original formula remains unchanged for over 50 years.

Most popular grip & polish.
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Price:   10 € each

Henselite Grippo Tube

The biggest selling bowls polish in the world. Assists with grip and easy to apply from convenient screw cap (with piercer) tube.
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Price:   8 € each

Henselite Wilgrip

Gives a great grip. Waterproof qualities and extra “tackiness’.

The ultimate in grip.
None in stock. Please order if Required
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Price:   7 € each

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